Задание на перевод

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Every day in elementary school in America begins at 9.20 a.m. Children have classes till 3.15 p.m. At 12 ou2019clock children have lunch. Many boys and girls bring their lunch from home. But some of them go for lunch to a school cafeteria.
Mrs. Bradley prepares school lunches almost every weekday for her two children. Sometimes she gives the children money and they eat in the school cafeteria. But usually the children prefer to take a lunch from home.
This morning Mrs. Bradley is making peanut butter and cheese sandwiches, the children’s favorite. She puts two bottles of apple juice for the children to drink. She is going to put the sandwiches, some cherry tomatoes and two bananas in their lunchboxes. The lunchbox is easy for the children to carry to school.

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1. Elementary school u2013 u043du0430u0447u0430u043bu044cu043du0430u044f u0448u043au043eu043bu0430
2. Cafeteria u2013 u0448u043au043eu043bu044cu043du0430u044f u0441u0442u043eu043bu043eu0432u0430u044f
3. To prepare u2013 u043fu043eu0434u0433u043eu0442u043eu0432u0438u0442u044c, u0433u043eu0442u043eu0432u0438u0442u044c
4. To prefer u2013 u043fu0440u0435u0434u043fu043eu0447u0438u0442u0430u0442u044c
5. Weekday u2013 u0434u0435u043du044c u043du0435u0434u0435u043bu0438
6. Peanut u2013 u0430u0440u0430u0445u0438u0441
7. Butter u2013 u043cu0430u0441u043bu043e
8. Cherry tomatoes u2013 u043fu043eu043cu0438u0434u043eu0440u044b u0447u0435u0440u0440u0438
9. Lunchboxes u2013 u0431u043eu043au0441/u043au043eu0440u043eu0431u043au0430 u0434u043bu044f u0435u0434u044b
10. To carry u2013 u043du043eu0441u0438u0442u044c